Ehime JASL (Japanese as A Second Language) is a nonprofit organization aiming to promote international communication by helping foreign people study Japanese.

We are happy to tailor our lessons to suit whatever needs you may have.
To those who are interested, please read our standard conditions as below:

  • We can meet once or twice a week (45 or 90 minutes for each lesson). 
  • We ask you to reserve lessons in advance. It's possible to change the time if you can give us 24 hours notice and your lecturer agrees.
  • You may be asked to take lessons with other students of a similar level.
  • The lesson fee is 500 yen for 45 minutes and you will be expected to pay at the end of each lesson.
  • For further information, please access our: ehimejasl14@ehimejasl


  • 会長
    • 林智子
  • 事務局長
    • 竹田美智枝
  • 所在地
    • 愛媛県松山市
  • 設立時期
    • 1987年12月
  • 会員数
    • 活動会員:22名 賛助会員:35名  計 55名(2024年6月現在)